Welcome to the course website for BIOL 335 Tropical Conservation Biology at MSUM, a.k.a. the “Costa Rica Course”.

If you think you may want to register for the course, email the instructor Dr. Chris Merkord christopher.merkord@mnstate.edu now to get on the interest list.


Course Overview

Dates and Cost

How to Register

Informational Meetings

Three informational meetings will be held in October. The purpose of these is to give students a chance to hear more about the course and to ask questions of the instructor.


If you are unable to attend one of the informational meetings, or if you have any questions, please email Chris Merkord christopher.merkord@mnstate.edu or Brian Wisenden wisenden@mnstate.edu.

What is the trip like?

Every trip is unique, but we guarantee you’ll have an amazing experience. One of our past participants put together this video to give you an idea of what to expect on the trip.

And this is a slide show showing some of the places and things we’ll see. Click the full screen button to enlarge.

Where do we stay?

The trip is spent at three main locations:

  1. The Monteverde and San Luis area in the mountains of eastern Guanacaste Province.
  2. Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Puntarenas Province.
  3. Santa Rosa National Park in northwestern Guanacaste Province.

Here are some photos of the locations:

What kinds of activities will we do?

The exact list of activities varies from year to year, but here are some examples of things done in the past:

Here are some photos of some of these activities:

What kinds of plants and animals will we see?

Photos of plants and animals seen on previous trips: